NTA Update – 14/11/2012

Welcome to No Tiree Array’s new website.


No Tiree Array(NTA) has launched its new web site to coincide with NTA’s 2nd anniversary.

The website incorporates design features, which will assist NTA in keeping its membership, and supporters, fully informed of all aspects of the proposed Tiree Array.

So, where has the proposed Tiree Array come from in  the last 2 years?

In June 2010 the proposal was for  5-600 turbines of 3- 3.5MW. Now, 2 1/2 yrs later, SPR is considering downsizing the proposed Tiree Array to 215 X6MW turbines . In June 2010, SPR anticipated submitting its consent application by 2nd Qtr 2012.  2 1/2 years on, and the consent submission is delayed 2 1/2yrs ,to 4thQtr  2014.

NTA UPDATE  14 Nov 2012


SPR revealed at their TIREE  Public Information day  on the 30th Oct that they were ‘considering a revision in the design‘   of the proposed Array. This would reduce the proposed Array by approx 1/3 rd from 300 to 215  (6MW) Turbines.

This has arisen from surveys prompted by environmental issues with regard to (1) Basking Sharks and (2) the Great Northern Diver. The Skerryvore  Reef is a Basking  Shark hot spot, also favoured by the migrating Great Northern Diver.

What has prompted SPR to respond to these issues is not clear.  SNH’s Basking Shark  survey is not due for completion till 2014 . NTA is not aware of any statutory survey required at this point in time .  SPR is not completing its EIA till 2014.

NTA has asked SPR for details /public disclosure of their surveys. SPR has yet to reply.

            Down sizing is a consideration. It has not been conceded.



How SPR contrived to exclude this building from the Scottish Government’s initiative of the  ONSHORE SCENARIO MAPPING EXERCISE, beggars belief.

If it was onshore, it would be Tiree’s largest ( 6 acres) and tallest onshore building (27m). Construction would require major road and harbour works. Onshore cabling would probably breach Tiree’s  protected Ramsar and SSI sites .






SPR offered the converter shown below as an example of a On-shore Converter Station.

This example, along with another,made a confusing presentation even more confusing!!! The maths do not add up. The examples SPR presented were 220-330MW converter stations. So how do they fit in with the proposed Tiree Array’s  projected 1200-1800MW output? Would SPR require multiple converter stations, or something much bigger ? NTA has asked SPR to clarify. Meanwhile  NTA, using SPR’s specification hopes to produce a CAD image, of their proposed  Converter Station.  It is much bigger than any of the examples offered, and contradicts  SPR ‘s dimensions given in their Aug 2010  Scoping Request to Marine Scotland.

SPR state : ’ For several reasons SPR does not think a convertor station on Tiree is consentable ..”  So why offer this farrago of a presentation? Possibly SPR’s discreet agenda is to  tick the mitigation box of the L&C process.  NTA’s will address mitigation in its next update.

                                 Caveat Emptor


John Muir Trust /YouGov poll results show:-

43 per cent would be less likely to visit a scenic area with a large concentration of turbines, while just 2 per cent would be more likely to visit a scenic area with a large concentration of turbines.

Regional; variation in those who say they are less likely to visit scenic areas with a large concentration of turbines ranges from 32% in the North East of England to 49% in Wales. In Scotland the figure is 36%

This is a significant poll. It shows a discernible shift in public opinion from earlier polls commissioned by Government which had serious shortcoming in sample size, demographic balance, and objectivity. The JMT Poll coincided with Visit Scotland(VS) lodging  its first formal objection to a proposed on-shore wind farm development. Up till now VS  with regard to on- shore windfarm development, has been singing Scottish Government’s song sheet.



The process and negotiation of Viewpoint selection is about to commence.  These were the selected viewpoints made at NTA’s 2011 “ Local Hero’ film night.

NTA has reviewed this selection and narrowed it down to these ( 20plus)  specific viewpoints.

These have been submitted, with OS Map reference, to SPR for selection and presentation of the appropriate visualizations . NTA will also submit this presentation to MS/SNH/A&B Council.

In the meantime SNH has yet  to complete its update of its ‘ Good Practice Guidance on Visual Representations of Windfarms’  covering offshore windfarms. This was originally scheduled for July.  A&B have to be disavowed from their over-simplistic land-based perception that only 5-7 viewpoints with visualisations is all that will be required.

Scottish Government(SG), in 2010 conceded, that the proposed Tiree Array was ‘transformational’. The proposed Array is also unique amongst SG’s  current offshore plans.  No other proposed Scottish off- shore Array,or UK one for  for that matter, is within 5 km of its proximate community. This reality was never perceived in the ‘planning  cloud‘’ which drafted the legislation, and its associated L&C process. This process must accommodate, and respond to, the transformational, and unique features of the proposed Tiree Array.

4 thoughts on “NTA Update – 14/11/2012

  1. Charles

    In November 2010 I posted my view that this website represented a herculean task and was an invaluable data base for everyone irrespective of opinion.

    The two year update is outstanding.

    We have good reason to be grateful to the authors.

    Moderators Comment : Thank you

  2. Alison Kennedy

    The new NTA website is excellent, a fund of information and a stepping stone to great things. The proposed windfarm, a stone’s throw from Tiree’s beaches, will become the tipping point in the anti-wind campaign and will engender huge controversy on Salmond’s calculated destruction of our magnificent Scottish environment. The fight will be not only to save Tiree from this horror, but to prevent what looks like becoming the industrialisation of the Western Isles. This would be nothing short of a national tragedy and would destroy beyond repair one of the most beautiful corners of the world, along with much of its prized wildlife. The enemies are greedy energy giants and sly, power mad politicians. It is time they heard OUR voices.

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