Night-time Visualisations

Night-time Visualisations:- Tiree Array, at night, from Balevullin Beach

SNH in Marine Scotland’s Scoping opinion for the proposed Tiree(Argyll) Array stated:-

We highlight that ‘dark skies’ at night are a major attribute of Tiree; we therefore advise the applicant to assess the impact of their windfarm lighting requirements in this context.

NTA has consistently requested SPR to present visualisations  of their lighting requirements, ergo night-time visualisations. SPR has consistently refused NTA’s request.

The genesis of this request  was  NTA participation in a Tiree group taken by SPR , in Sept 2011 , to see the Barrow-Walney-Ormonde Offshore Array(10KM offshore).

NTA reported that the Barrow-Walney-Ormonde (BWO)Array, at night, ‘ resembled an oil refinery operating at night. Each turbine looked like a lit-up Xmas Tree. SPR, unsurprisingly, disputed this assessment, suggesting that features of the Array were not applicable to the Tiree Array. SPR offered no images to back-up their claim.  SPR was very vague as to Tiree Array’s aviation lighting requirements, not withstanding the BWO Array, like the Tiree Array, is in the flight path of an airfield, in close proximity.

This image of the Walney Array  would suggest NTA’s  perspective was accurate.

Anyway…let’s get back to Tiree,the Tiree Array,and these Tiree night-time visualisations.

The closest turbine is approx 7km, and the furthest approx 16km, from the beach.

The current regulations derive a ‘single-lit turbine’s  lighting requirements to meet both aviation (CAA) and marine navigation lighting requirements.

The lack of any further input from SPR has motivated NTA to offer night-time visualisations of the the proposed Tiree Array.

This image above, under a different sky, presents the Array in different light (pardon the pun) !!

Similar images will reflect the view of the Tiree Array from Sandaig and Balephuil.

As the avaition lights will be positioned more than 100M above sea-level, with a range of 20km, most of Tiree will be visually impacted.      Think TILLEY 

This  “Lit-Tiree Array ” ( 32 turbines ) meets minimal CAA requirements

    The following techie report  offers an explanation of how these images and  mapping were derived.


The report that follows is the lay out of lit turbines to meet CAA requirements for the  Neart-na-Gaoithe Offshore Wind Farm , 15km off the East Neuk of Fife( St Andrews). This document is incorporated in the developer’s  Consents Submission to Marine Scotland.

Marine Navigation Lighting Requirements:-

And now take 60 seconds out to look at this video of a aviation-lit turbine , and let the full  visual impact sink into the psyche !

Take 60 seconds to look at this video of a aviation-lit turbine , and let the full  visual impact sink into the psyche of what the view from Belevullin, in the crepuscule, may look like, if the Tiree Array was to gain Scottish Ministers approval.








12 thoughts on “Night-time Visualisations

  1. Karl Hughes

    Though I haven’t seen the images in AnTirisdeach…the pdf I received of the night time visualisations are truely shocking…SNH go on about visual impact and leaving aside the impact on Tiree sky scape, one has to wonder what impact this industrial horizon will have on the likes of the UNESCO island of Staffa…the Isle of Mull, Islay, Jura, Barra and every other location within X amount of miles…

    Robert, again NTA have come up with the goods…our initial daytime visualisations pre-empted and were catalyst in forcing SPR to produce images ( ours were actually more accurate and less shocking) I wonder if these images will have the same effect….one would hope so…

    A sincere well done in again exposing yet another none acceptable impact to the environment…and an impact to what is unarguably one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world. Karl

  2. Sapient, Tiree

    If the Hebrides are to be condemned to a future like this, with the lights of mass industrialisation destroying some of the most beautiful seascapes in the world, then the time has come to start shouting, and shouting loud. For it would appear that Kim Yong Salmond is impervious to the protests of well-meaning folk who do not want their little country destroyed by this maniac. On the bright side,, however, there are only 18 months to go before the people of Scotland will tell KYS (Kim Yong Salmond) where he can stick his ridiculous ideas of independence and with any luck, after that, we will be able to say ‘ta ta’ to the turbines for good.

    Moderators Comment: NTA will not comment on the Independence Referendum per se ,but an Independent Scotland does have to consider (1) can it afford to subsidise the export surplus, and (2) where and at what price does the export market exist/function ?
    Q(1) Has been asked of SG by NTA and more august bodies.
    Q(2) has been asked by NTA of SG.

    Neither have had a reply from SG.

    Irrespective of the Referendum result,any decision on Tiree Array is already a devolved power to Scottish Ministers. That will not change after 2014 nor after the 2016 Scottish elections.

  3. Neil Campbell

    These images really bring the full effect to life. It’s an incredibly industrial scene that will ruin the island. There is a growing consensus that the most beautiful, natural parts of Scotland, like Tiree, should be protected from windfarms and these pictures illustrate why.

  4. Alice Renton

    Robert – These are even worse than I expected – and the alternate red and yellow flashing makes it all the more objectionable. Well done for getting these images. No wonder they didn’t want them seen.

  5. Hannah Brimelow

    Wilderness gone! We would be turning yet another wonderful wild place into an industrial park. No wonder Cornwall is not allowing this type of short term thinking for long term damage

  6. David Sibbald

    Well done to NTA for putting the visual horror show of the Tiree Array on display for all to see. Not for one minute should we believe that SPR don’t have images as shocking as these tucked away in their bottom drawer, of course they do, they’ve had them since the start, they just won’t let them out because they know the reaction they’ll get.

    They do indeed fit the mould of the despised mega-corporation; half-truths, obfuscation, short term gain, long term damage. Pretty disgraceful that they’re supported without question from SG. Can you imagine 365 nights of the year with red and yellow flickering coming through every bedroom of every house in Tiree.

    Moderators Comment: Of course SPR have their images tucked away. If NTA can produce ‘em with its very limited resources,SPR could offer a Gala presentation! But,and here is the rub,the Consents process does not demand/require SPR to present such images.

    Hence NTA’s next project is a review of the L&C process to establish if it is Fit for Purpose.

  7. Mark Beese

    Good job…having just driven through France at night I was amazed by how invasive the flashing lights were. Worse at night than during the day!

  8. Charles

    I really can’t find words adequate to express my horror at what you have shared with us. This is an industrial landscape which has no place in the Minch.

  9. Ranald Noel - Paton

    SPR failure to provide night visuals for the Tiree Aray is blatant deception. Again, Robert, your excellent work highlights this and Light Pollution at its worst; internationally a disgrace.

    These images are horrific and illustrate perfectly how Seascapes deserve the same degree of protection as Landscapes, which is currently not the case.

    Dark Skies are an increasingly precious commodity. What is proposed would make SPR guilty of an environmental offence of global proportions.

    Flashing/glowing lights at night act as a lure to migratory and night-flying birds which will be killed in thousands.

    Keep up the pressure

  10. Lisa Roberts

    Unbelievable! A world apart from the beautiful night sky and sunsets we are so used to enjoying on Balevullin. It is criminal and quite shocking that such a proposal would be considered in this unspoilt location.

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