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With SPR dropping the Tiree (Argyll) Array in Dec 2013, No Tiree Array (NTA) had achieved its primary objective, however, Scottish Government's pending National Marine Plan (NMP), dictated NTA remained on–going.

Oww2 WW3 ncl Saltire notationAfter systemic delays, the draft NMP, appeared in Dec 2014. It proposed WAVE (WW3)  and WIND (OWW2), with Adoption targeted for Spring 2015. It was Adopted 25 Mar 2015

Dec 2014 was the appropriate time to moth-ball the old NTA website, and launch this new website, presenting the issues of NTA's 4 yr campaign, and NTA's engagement with Scottish Government on the proposed NMP.

For a history of NTA from Feb 2009, when the Tiree Array was originally announced, through to NTA's engagement with the NMP process, please review the timeline below.

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